Mushroom Pho V  G/F      

Daily harvest mushrooms, rice noodle, green onion. cilantro, fried shallot


Fire Roast Chicken Pho G/F   

Chicken, chicharrones, rice noodle, white onion, green onion, cilantro, fried shallot


Beef Ribs Pho G/F                

Beef Ribs, prime brisket, rice noodle, white onion, green onion cilantro, fried garlic oil

Brunch Cocktails:

Viet Coffee Martini

Blood Orange Mimosa

Passionfruit Belinis    

 Bone Broth Bloody Mary

bone broth, tomato juice, spices, kimchi, okra, pickle green beans, oregano and basil   



Cereal French Toast

Brioche, corn flakes crusted, passionfruit butter, cereral milk ice cream, passionfruit butter syrup 

Bubble Egg Waffle

fresh fruits, bubble egg waffle, whip cream


Banh Bot Chien / Fry Rice Cakes

rice cake, eggs, scallion, papaya, carrots, chili soy dressing   


Spareribs, ground pork, seasoned egg, scallion, onions, white pepper powder, Chinese donuts

Chicken and Bubble Egg Waffle

fried chicken, taro egg waffle, fresh fruit, honey butter maple syrup  


Steak & Egg Sizzling Plate

Five spiced steak, egg, cucumber, tomatoes, egg, banh mi bread



Taro Egg Rolls (Chả Giò) G/F

Carlton pork, taro, shrimp, onion, carrots, wood ear mushroom

Avocado Spring Roll (P)

shrimp or tofu, avocado, green leaf lettuce, cilantro, peanut sauce


Bún Chả Hà Nội

charred pork patties, grilled pork, cha, vermicelli noddles, lettuce, mint, basil, perilla leaf, shaved papaya, shaved carrot, nuoc cham

Butter Beef with Garlic Fried Rice

Brown butter, kalbi beef, rice, eggs, onions


Jap Chae  V       Add Beef or Tofu

Stir fry sweet potatoe noodle, seasonal vegetables, red cabbage, onions sesame seed

Steak & Egg Sizzling Plate

five spiced steak, egg, cucumber, tomatoes, egg, banh mi bread